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Rehabilitation And Resettlement Policy, 2007

This Policy essentially addresses to provide succor to the asset less rural poor and to those who those who fall under BPL categories, as also to small and marginal farmers, SCs/STs, and to various other vulnerable sections who get displaced. Besides, it seeks to foster an effective dialogue between the project affected families (PAFs), the State Government and NHPC, which will enable adequate and timely implementation of R&R programme and completion of projects, with adequate attention to the needs of displaced persons, especially the resource poor sections, by way of interaction and negotiation so that the R&R package gains all-round acceptability in the shape of a workable instrument. To plan and execute the resettlement & rehabilitation of PAFs as of sustainable development opportunity. Particular attention shall be given to the socioeconomically vulnerable sections such as indigenous population or Scheduled Tribes (STs), Scheduled Castes (SCs), woman-headed households, widows, abandoned women, destitute, disabled, orphans, unmarried girls, persons above fifty years of age and those below poverty line (BPL) etc. so that their interests are protected.